Member Spotlight: Chris Wirkowski

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Member Spotlight: Chris Wirkowski

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St. John, IN

Other places you’ve lived:

New Jersey, Pennsylvania


Grain Processing Corporation (GPC)


Research Division Engineer – I work with scientists to scale up new or modified products.  First they develop them in their laboratory with small experiments, usually about 1 gallon or less.  Then we move to the pilot plant where we will do something between 50 gallons and a few thousand gallons depending on the project.  If all goes well then I’ll work with production to scale it up further into a commercial product.  Along with that, I also size and design new equipment, evaluate costs of commercialization, and investigate new processes.

Favorite Local Restaurant:
Tie between The Brew and Boonie’s.

Previous employer/positions or general overview of experience:

I interned with Walsh Construction and U.S. Steel during college.
Purdue University / Chemical Engineering

What do you like to do for fun?

Ice Hockey (Pearl City Black Storm, we are always looking for more players of all ), Volleyball, Spikeball, Softball, Golf, Snow Ski, any ocean/lake/river related activity, travel anywhere I’ve never been.

Why did you join YPN?

GPC pays for the membership fees so when I moved here our HR manager told me about it.  What’s not to love about free food??!?!  Oh, and the meeting people too, I guess.

What is your favorite YPN event?

Anything that Geneva caters.  Also the Friday night QC Mallards game with $1 beers and $1 hot dogs.

What event would you like to see YPN do?

Bungee Jumping.  Or glow ball at the municipal golf course.

Anything else?

I’m good at dog sitting if anyone is going out of town.  I work for free if the dog weighs over 50 pounds.