Member Spotlight: Kyle Probst

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Member Spotlight: Kyle Probst

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Kyle Probst

Kyle Probst moved to Muscatine in February of 2015 after accepting a research scientist position at Grain Processing Corporation. He recently joined YPN of Muscatine for the opportunity to network with other young professionals in the area and volunteer his time in the Muscatine community. So far, Muscatine has been a very welcoming place and has made for a comfortable transition for Kyle.

Kyle is originally from Bloomington, Indiana. He received a BS in Food Science and a MS in Agricultural Systems Management from Purdue University. He recently graduated from Kansas State University in August of 2014 with a PhD in Grain Science with a bioprocessing focus. Outside of work he enjoys playing ice hockey, golf, cycling, and all things culinary.

Fun fact – Kyle was a bartender for three years at 4 Olives Restaurant and Wine Bar while attending graduate school at K-State. So if you fancy a classic cocktail or just want to nerd out about wine/beer, don’t be shy, he always enjoys engaging fellow beverage aficionados.